Triple Pane Replacement Windows from Window Depot of West Texas are the epitome of energy efficiency, sound reduction and condensation resistance. These high performance windows are constructed with three panes of glass instead of just two for maximum benefit. Our Triple Pane Replacement Windows utilize industry-leading technology and are meticulously manufactured so you can enjoy the many advantages of this amazing product.

If you’re in the market for new replacement windows, then it’s fair to say that you’ve found out about the energy saving advantages of dual pane insulated glass and Low E technology. Window Depot of West Texas offers these great products, and much more!

Thanks to our national buying power, the incredible price to value proposition that we can offer on energy efficient dual pane products is now available in Triple Pane. Let’s explore further:

What is Triple Pane? 

In all of the windows that Window Depot of West Texas sells, the glass has at least TWO panes. Putting two panes of glasss inside of one window is referred to as 'dual pane', and is sometimes called 'thermo-pane'.

These two panes of glass provide an extra barrier to heat loss (or gain) during the heating and cooling months of the year. The two panes of glass, plus the airspace what sets the stage for improved insulation. Then when Low E coatings and specialized gas fills like Argon are incorprated...we have what we call an Insulated Glass Unit. It is really the engine of the window.


IGUnit_TriplePane As amazing as dual pane windows are, there is a 'next level' energy saving technology, and that is Triple Pane. As you might expect, this simply means that a THIRD layer of glass is incorporated into the Insulated Glass Unit.

But while this may sound simple, the effects are dramatic!
Triple Pane Advantages: 

Increased Insulating Power - Our Triple Pane windows can increase the U Factor of dual pane, clear glass windows by up to 52%. This improvement comes from a combination of the extra pane of glass, multiple cavities that contain insulating ‘blankets’ of Argon gas, and additional glass surfaces on which to apply our Low E coating technology.

Whether you live in a climate that demands more heating, or cooling of your home…the key to our Triple Pane insulating power is stopping heat flow.

In heating climates, triple pane windows keep more of your warmth and energy IN. In cooling climates, triple pane windows keep more of the radiant heat and temperatures OUT.


moldEnhanced Condensation Resistance - Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) is a measurement used to highlight a window's ability to resist condensation from forming. Whenever condensation is present, the first thing to look for is the atmospheric conditions…or more simply put, is your home encouraging condensation? This can come from high humidity levels and/or lack of sufficient air-flow in the home…and is magnified by windows that do not provide good insulation.

The reason why insufficient windows promote condensation is that the surface of the glass gets cooler as heat escapes.

Highly insulating windows keeps the temperature on the surface of the glass warmer, and thus more resistance to condensing the moisture rich air in the atmosphere of your home.

Our Triple Pane Windows enhance condensation resistance of normal clear glass windows up to 49%, and can even improve normal dual pane Low E windows by over 20%.

There are many reasons to promote good condensation resistance. Excess moisture can lead to rotted window sills, and even mold and mildew promotion.

Triple Pane Windows offer the highest CRF’s available. 
noise  Improved Sound Control - Another great feature of triple pane windows is their ability to block out more NOISE form the outside world.

The additional pane of glass, plus the extra airspace created in the Insulated Glass Unit provide additional barriers to sound transmission.

Peace and quiet is often priceless!
Window Depot USA Energy Packages

In most cities, Window Depot locations are now offering our exclusive "Energy Packages", which save you even more. Two of these packages feature our incredible Triple Pane value.

The GOLD Package - includes Low E coating and Argon Gas fill in both chambers created by the Triple Panes of glass.

The PLATINUM Package - aside from our Argon Gas filling, this bundle includes Low E coating on TWO surfaces of glass for even more insulation factor.

As you can tell...there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to the value you receive when improving your home with Triple Pane Windows. Triple Pane Windows are investments that increase the value of your home and enhance your lifestyle by adding years of comfort, security and energy efficiency.

To learn even more about these products, just fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form to receive your in-home demonstration and cost estimate.