blueicon_5 Top 6 Reasons to Replace your Windows

The reason to replace windows may seem like a no-brainer; the original windows grow old, become drafty and need to be replaced. While that reason may very well be true, there are many other reasons to replace your windows than just cold air flow. 

Energy Efficiency - Going green is a trend that will never go away. Many people are concerned about the environment, and many people especially are concerned about how far their energy dollars will stretch. Installing energy efficient replacement windows will allow you to run your HVAC system less often, resulting in a drop in your utility bills. 

Interior Comfort – Replacement windows will keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Best of all, this temperature will stay consistent, since the air in your home will be unable to escape through old and drafty windows. 

Home Value – Did you know that newer windows have a return of investment of up to 80%? This figure is among the highest on home improvement projects. If you’re looking to sell your house, installing new replacement windows is a smart investment. 

Aesthetics & Beauty – You have the majestic brick house with the perfectly maintained lawn, but your old and rotting original windows are an eyesore! Vinyl replacement windows are not only a practical appliance, but an aesthetic one, too. Replacing your windows gives you an instant boost in curb appeal. 

Maintenance Free – Vinyl replacement windows are maintenance-free and are not prone to rot. They will never need painting or scraping, nor will they chip or peel. 

Family Safety – Today’s replacement windows offer a variety of increased security features for your family’s protection. Different styles of windows will vary on the type of featured locks, but generally your options are: 

o Middle meeting locks
o Night locks
o Top sash stops
o Safety screens
o Interlocking system
o Double-strength glass

To maximize the benefit from your new replacement windows, choose windows that are suitable for your home and lifestyle. Your Window Depot of West Texas consultant can help you find the replacement windows that suit you best.