Duralite Spacer System is the Best in the World. It simply outperforms Superspacer, Intercept, and Aluminum spacer systems.


3rd generation warm-edge technology using NO METAL

Patent No. 6,581,341


Duralite offers a new level of thermal performance to windows reducing conductivity by up to 45%. This radical improvement in thermal properties is achieved by eliminating metal and replacing over 60% of the spacer profile with air. The patented design featuring a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal results in superior thermal and durability performance.

Test results performed by a third party have proven that Duralite offers the lowest U-value rating and best condensation resistance when compared to other spacers.

Duralite is thermally the best energy-efficient insulating glass system available on the market.

Ask for Duralite- Why?
Spacer Systems are the Heart & Soul of Any Window Product. Why not include technology's best system for glass in your windows? The answer is simple: Cost. Best technology costs more to incorporate into the design of window systems. So, cost cutting means lower energy ratings.Highest Energy Ratings means slightly higher costs. But, the customer reaps the benefit year in and year out. Ask for Duralite!