blueicon_5 Three Critically Important Factors to Consider when Purchasing Replacement  Windows

If you’re in the market for new replacement windows, you may feel overwhelmed with an overload of information and factors to consider. New and advanced replacement window technologies along with complex industry jargon only adds to the confusion. When you’re purchasing new replacement windows, there are three important factors you should always consider, regardless of any modern upgrades and scientific lingo that is thrown at you. 

What exactly matters most when purchasing new replacement windows? 

Efficiency: Energy efficiency is a major factor when selecting new replacement windows. The most energy efficient replacement windows on the market are Triple Pane Windows. Triple Pane Windows consist of three panes of glass rather than the standard two (dual) panes. Think of Triple Pane Windows as the “next level” of energy efficiency for replacement windows. Energy efficient replacement windows can lower your utility bills dramatically, saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Triple Pane Windows can help maximize potential energy savings. 

Quality Craftsmanship: Not all replacement windows are created equal. It is often difficult to visually tell the difference between high-end and low-end replacement windows, as they can look virtually identical. Vinyl replacement windows are constructed with Polyvinyl Chloride, otherwise known as PVC. PVC is an incredible polymer plastic that is used to create a diverse array of products such as pipes, signs, furniture and even clothing, and much more. It is really the miracle plastic of our time. One telling factor for PVC quality is price; cheaper vinyl replacement windows are often constructed with lower quality PVC, while higher quality windows are constructed with better quality PVC. 

Not only does the quality of the physical window matter, but the quality of installation is equally important. A high-end window will not perform to its full potential if it’s poorly installed. On the other hand, exceptional installation will not increase the quality of a poorly-constructed vinyl replacement window. Product quality and professional installation need to be on the same level to achieve the best results from your new replacement windows. 

Brand Reputation: The replacement window company that you purchase your windows from should be staffed with industry professionals who have extensive product knowledge. Be cautious when purchasing your new replacement windows from unheard of companies, or those who have no testimonials or track record. There are several ways to dig for information and find out more about the company you’re dealing with. 

• * Inquire with the Better Business Bureau to see if your replacement window company is registered, and what rating they have earned. 

• * Check the website of your Regional Chamber of Commerce to see if any replacement window companies are members in your area. 

• * Utilize online review websites such as Yelp, Google Places and Citysearch. 

• * Ask your replacement window company for referrals. 

• * Check with neighbors to find out where they bought their vinyl replacement windows. 

By doing a bit of research and homework, you will be on your way to finding the best replacement window company to suit your needs. 

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