Window Features designed to improve energy effeciency

Did you ever spot to think about just how much sunlight passes through your windows? As that sun travels through your home, it heats it up, costing your energy bills to rise! Window Depot USA of West Texas carries a line of vinyl replacement windows with technological features designed to control the amount of heat that enters your home, lowering the cost to heat and cool your home!  The following is information about our features designed to improve energy efficiency!

While other manufacturers charge for important energy-efficient options, our 
windows include them as standard features. That means you get more value for your energy-saving investment:

T-Max double strength insulating glass

The T-Max glass system exceeds even Energy Star requirements! A unstoppable combination of 7/8" insulated glass, Duralite Spacer System and Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass (read more below). the T-Max glass system offers up truely improved energy efficiency!

Duralite Spacer System


Duralite offers a new level of thermal performance to windows reducing conductivity by up to 45%. This radical improvement in thermal properties is achieved by eliminating metal and replacing over 60% of the spacer profile with air. The patented design featuring a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal results in superior thermal and durability performance. Read More...

Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass


Our Low-E glass windows holds heat inside during cold winter months and forces heat outside on hot summer days. As an added bonus, most of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light is filtered out, protecting your furniture and carpets from fading from the sun!

Argon Gas Enhancement for Added Performance

For the ultimate in year-round window performance, the space between the two panes is enhanced with argon gas. With a density greater than air, argon gas offers more resistance to the transfer of heat and cold.

Enjoy even more energy savings with our Platinum Window Series - up to a 50% reduction in full house energy bills

Our Platinum Series features

  • Our Triple Pane, 7/8” Insulated Glass Pack 
  • Double Low Emissivity Glass
  • Krypton Gas Fill, providing even more insulating power
  • Maximum energy savings from specially designed mainframe, spacers and weatherstripping

And don't forget - all of our Gold and Platinum Series Windows qualify for a 2011 Federal Tax Credit. There is no better time to replace those drafty old windows and doors!